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Introduction to the natural cooling mode of 10G network transformer

Time:2022-11-23 Views:239
As a new type of network transformer, 10G network transformer can support up to 100W Ethernet. Today, let‘s take a look at the natural cooling mode of 10G network transformer.
The natural heat dissipation of the network transformer is also called natural heat dissipation "self cooling". The cooling mode is under natural conditions and does not accept the influence of any external auxiliary energy. AC24008G, DC36001G, DC2064DG, DC1216G, DC1210G, DC18001G, 10G network transformers generate density difference in the surrounding air through the local heating device controlled by the ambient heat dissipation temperature, that is, the temperature difference between the electronic equipment and the environment generates natural convection in the air, Its main modes are heat conduction, convection and radiation concentration, and its main applications are convection and natural convection.
Among them, natural heat dissipation and cooling methods are mainly applied to electronic components with low requirements for temperature control, low power consumption equipment and components with low heat flux. This method can also be applied to sealed and densely assembled equipment without the application of other cooling technologies. In some cases, when the requirements for heat dissipation capacity are relatively low, the characteristics of electronic equipment itself will improve the heat dissipation capacity of the system by optimizing natural convection, so as to appropriately increase the heat conduction or radiation effects.
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