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What are the characteristics of BMS signal transformers?

Time:2022-09-17 Views:289
BMS signal transformers are a type of transformers, BMS signal transformers are single channel, reinforced insulation transformers including common mode choke coils for noise suppression in BMS applications. BMS signal transformers have the following characteristics:
1. Working voltage up to 1500 V(DC), hipot up to 6400 V(DC) (SM91519L) and 7640 V(DC) (SM91527L)
2. UL recognized; file number E515965 per UL62368-1
3. Reinforced insulation according to IEC 62477-1, IEC 60664-1 and IEC 62368-1
4. Support serial daisy chain/IsoSPI communication
5. Leakage distance: minimum 15mm; clearance distance: minimum 14mm
6. Passed lead-free certification
7. Developed for use with NXP model MC33771C series and model LTC6804/681X series of analog devices
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